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Gin and Tonic

When I’m on holidays I love to take a break at about 5 or 6pm & stop at a nice bar somewhere for a drink, which more often than not, is a gin & tonic.

I’m a bit energetic when I travel & try to cram as much as possible into each day, so for me, it’s a nice way of relaxing & thinking about everything that I’ve seen or done that day.

Which brings me to Gin & Tonics in Barcelona…

I never in my life expected to enjoy my evening holiday ritual as much as I have in Barcelona.

First off, there’s the ordering. Some of the restaurants/bars I’ve been to this week have a gin & tonic menu. You select the gin you want & sometimes the type of tonic water too. I guess you can pick the gin you want back home, but it’s not formalised in a specialised gin & tonic menu so it’s just not as nice, as it is here in Barcelona.

Then they bring a glass (the bar staff will pick the appropriate garnish for you – cucumber with Hendricks, lemon with Bombay, citrus & mint with Tanqueray 10) to your table, along with the bottle of gin & bottle of tonic. They (generously) pour the gin & tonic in front of you at your table & then leave you to enjoy your drink.

It may seem strange that I’m so excited by something so relatively simple but it’s so nice that some of the bars here seem to have a similar sense of ritual that I do about this drink.

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