A Fabric Obsession

Have you ever walked past a fabric store & seen the most amazing fabric OF ALL TIME?

Have you walked in to take a closer look, spent a good 5 mins looking at it, before walking around the store pretending to look at other things while really all your thinking is, ‘I don’t need that fabric, I have heaps at home, but it’s really nice, AND it would make the most beautiful dress, but I don’t need it & I shouldn’t buy things I don’t need….’

Then you leave the store.

Without the fabric.

Then you spend the next month thinking of nothing but that fabric, how beautiful it is, how if you had it you could make the most beautiful dress in the world, you should have bought it, you’re a fool for not buying it, I bet if you go back the store now, you’ll kick yourself because someone else would have bought it all because it’s so nice.

Then you’re walking past the fabric store again, 6 weeks later & you see that the fabric you’ve been obsessing over is still there! So you buy it without even thinking.

No? That hasn’t happened to you? Are you sure?

Well, this happened to me at the beginning of the year, with this stunning navy & red silk brocade.


I saw it in Clegs at the beginning of the year & I think I spent about 6 weeks obsessing about it, before I actually went back & bought it. I was so glad it was still there!

I have since made this into a dress that I absolutely adore… but more on that tomorrow. 😉

One thought on “A Fabric Obsession

  1. Yes, this happens to me, but I usually don’t wait 6 weeks to go back and buy it. I usually go back the next day – or if I am buying online, I don’t even have to wait until the next day!


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