This dress was the fabric’s fault

I made this dress to wear to a friend’s wedding in March.


The red & navy silk brocade was a new purchase, but everything else was made with scraps & remnants already in my stash. The side drape is made with a rayon wool blend that I used for another dress, the silk edging is left over lining from the same dress, the corset was made with left over red & navy silk (which was interfaced, prior to sewing) & the dress lining was also made with left over fabric. So turns out it was worth keeping all those random remnants & fabric scraps.



As well as using up a lot of old remnants, this dress was also a bit of a franken pattern creation. The main bodice is from Simplicity 2639, the skirt is from Vogue V1174 & it’s all held in place with an internal corset made using Simplicity 5006. All three patterns have had a pretty good workout over the past 3-4 years & well & have well & truly cemented themselves in my ‘go-to’ collection.


The construction process was a little adhoc. I started with the corset. The corset was made as per the pattern & I added spiral steel boning.


Next was the bodice & dress lining, I modified the neckline of bodice pattern (Simplicity 2639) to match the neckline of the corset pattern (Simplicty 5006), because it’s a softer sweetheart neckline & I prefer it. I cut out the dress bodice & I put the bodice pieces together & attached it to the corset & lining.



The next step was to add the silk ribbon that runs around the top of the bodice. Rather than drafting up a pattern, I put the bodice on a dummy, arranged the navy silk ribbon the way I wanted it, pinned it in place & then slip stitched it in place.


Last of all was the skirt. I made up the skirt from V1174. The only alteration I made was to eliminate the pockets. The skirt was stitched in place on the bodice and then I hand stitched the drape in place. The drape is just a rectangle of fabric gathered at the side.


All in all, the dress came together relatively easily & without any major dramas, which is kind of surprising since I didn’t really do a good job of planning it out.


P.S. In case you’re still wondering why this dress was the fabric’s fault, read yesterday’s post.

10 thoughts on “This dress was the fabric’s fault

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! How well you have “interpreted” that stunning fabric. Next to the bride, of course, I bet you were the most admired person at the wedding!


  2. This is really, really gorgeous! I had to link over from Burdastyle to read more about it! An interior corset is an amazing idea! It looks like it would be difficult to execute, but perhaps, that’s just my inexperience speaking.


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