Halloween 2017

This year was our first real opportunity to get dressed up as a family for Halloween. So of course, it had to be Star Wars! Our little one is still too young for trick or treating but we had a party to go to & couldn’t resist dressing up the whole family.

I was super happy about how this costume turned out, especially since two of the three costumes took next to no time to make.

The Ewok costume was crazy easy to make. I bought this teddy bear suit & removed the bow tie. Then I roughly cut out the shape of a t-shirt out of a bit of brown fabric I had lying round (I used a t-shirt of my husband’s as a guide) & sewed it together. To fit it, I put the bub in the teddy bear hat, the neckhole in the t-shirt became the opening for his face & his arms when through the arm holes. To hold the brown fabric in place all I had to do was cut slits for the ears to pop through. This took me 15mins – I was pretty impressed. The brown drape held in place really well with just the holes around the ears.

I was really worried that the bub would be really upset about being in this costume all afternoon, but he was fine. Normally he hates having hats on his head but he didn’t try to remove this one at all! It was probably because he was too busy holding the giant fake spear my husband made for him (it was cardboard).

My costume was also pretty easy to make, in that it was all clothes from my wardrobe & I didn’t have to modify any of them! The only thing that needed to be made was the helmet. My husband made this for me out of some old Amazon boxes & spraypaint we had lying round in the garage.

The real labor of love though was the Han Solo costume my husband wore. I had actually made this for him 2 years ago for a Halloween party. I’d promised to make him whatever he wanted to wear for Halloween & he’d asked for a Han Solo costume. Within a minute of agreeing to make this costume for him, my husband had inundated my email account with links to Star Wars fan sites explaining how everything had to be made just right. As this was pre-baby & I had bucket loads of time I actually paid attention & spent more time than I care to admit researching the difference between Han’s vests & pants in the different movies (yes – my husband had specified which movie’s version he wanted). The hubby was (& still is) pretty chuffed with the outcome.

In case you were wondering about the gun belt & blaster – my husband made these himself. I helped him with the patterning so it would actually look like what he wanted & hang right, but he did all the rest.

Hope you all have a super fun Halloween!