The Finished Vyshyvanka

The vyshyvanka that I started earlier this year has been finished!


I finished it in September a few weeks before the baby arrived in October, but didn’t get a chance to post about it until now, (turns out newborns are pretty demanding).

I’m quite pleased with how the shirt turned out. I basically followed the steps I outlined in my last post to make it. I completed the central section first, then the sleeve cuffs, then the collar.


The most difficult part was working out an appropriate pattern for the collar & cuffs, once I’d completed the embroidery on the front of the shirt. I did a lot of trials on a scrap of linen to try to find a scaled down version of the main panel. Eventually I happened upon a design I was happy with & went with that.

For this project I really didn’t want to use the overlocker (serger) because I felt it would look to ‘machine made’ so the seams are flat felled. I did run a zig-zag stitch along the raw edge of any encased seams (like the collar & hem) just to be extra careful though.

This was a really pleasant project to work on while I was pregnant. I did most of it in the evenings, particularly if I couldn’t sleep. I’d get out of bed, work on some embroidery for an hour or so & that would be calming enough to make my eyes heavy so that I could go back to bed & go to sleep.